Number 13 - May 2024


The new issue of the Economics and Insurance magazine is now available. In this thirteenth biannual publication, we highlight a selection of four articles that analyze solvency regimes throughout the world, the current situation of monetary policy, the challenges posed by trending and current risks, and finally, under the title “How to facilitate longer working lives and flexible transitions to retirement ” we have the special collaboration of Carlos-María Alcover, Professor of Group and Organizational Psychology at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

Number 13 - May 2024

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Number 10 - November 2022

  • The report highlights premium growth, but the sector faces high inflation eroding profitability and has not yet recovered to pre-pandemic levels

  • The market experienced strong premium growth after last year's contraction, driven by improved economic performance and changes in monetary policy

  • It shows a global economy in a depletion phase with possible shifts towards a multipolar world due to geopolitical tensions and evolving monetary and fiscal policies

  • The insurance sector faces challenges in a complex economic environment due to tightening monetary policy, inflation and financial volatility

  • Special contribution by Dr. Juan E. del Llano Señarís, Director, Gaspar Casal Foundation on the influence that humans exert on the nature of our planet and its repercussions

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Number 6 - November 2020

  • In 2019, insurance penetration, density and depth rates decreased slightly, with Non-Life insurance slightly above the European average and Life insurance slightly below

  • Provides an overview of the industry's performance in the region: good performance in life insurance due to favourable interest rates, despite weak economic growth in the region

  • The report highlights that, although economic growth forecasts for this year have been revised upwards, economic recovery will be slow

  • The global economy is facing a contraction due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which will affect the insurance sector, especially due to low interest rates

  • Provides details of the different life insurance products that can be found in a number of selected insurance markets

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