ááFor the new publication of Economics and Insurance magazine, we have selected five articles we believe provide our readers with a complete and up-to-date view of the most relevant topics in the economy and insurance. Below is a brief summary of each:

In the article “Real estate markets and the insurance sector” we analyze the relationship between real estate markets and the insurance industry. We explore how changes in home prices and trends in the real estate market could affect insurance companies, as well as the products and services offered in this context. We also highlight the synthetic indicator MAPFRE Economics uses to measure the potential of real estate activity for the insurance industry in 43 countries.

The second article, “Monetary policy” presents monetary policy on a global level and its influence on financial markets and the economy in general. It examines the decisions by the main central banks, interest rates, financial stability and the challenges facing those responsible for monetary policy in an economic environment of high inflation.

The “Global economic outlook (Q2 2023)” is summarized in the third article, analyzing economic perspectives for the second quarter of this year, evaluating factors like GDP growth, inflation, employment, and other key indicators. It also provides a general view of baseline and stressed scenarios of the expected trends in the world’s main regions and economic sectors.

In the fourth article, “Industry outlook for the insurance market (Q2 2023)” we take a closer look at the specific outlook for the insurance industry in the second quarter of this year. We analyze the challenges and opportunities facing the industry and emerging changes that could impact insurance companies’ financial and strategic results.

Finally, we have the collaboration of Juan Fernández Palacios, author of the article, “The senior economy, an emerging reality” where he shows a global outlook of the senior economy and the challenges facing this growing demographic. He discusses topics such as population aging, the economic and social impact of this phenomenon, and the measures necessary to guarantee senior citizens’ financial security and well-being in the future.

We hope you enjoy this new edition of the magazine and find the information interesting.

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