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When you check out the latest edition of Economics and Insurance, our half-yearly magazine, you’ll discover that our website has a fresh new look. We have redesigned our platform with a more attractive and up-to-date format to improve the reading experience.

In issue number 12 of our magazine, you’ll find five carefully selected articles on a range of topics, including the performance of the insurance markets in Spain and Latin America in 2022, a preview of 2023, and global forecasts for economic growth and the insurance markets. We cover a variety of aspects that MAPFRE Economics highlights in its latest reports. Furthermore, we offer detailed information on the investment portfolios of insurance companies in the main markets around the world.

The first article summarizes the report The Spanish Insurance Market in 2022, providing an overview of the Spanish insurance industry and details on the performance of the main lines of business and their behavior during the first nine months of 2023. We highlight the market’s resilience and adaptation to the new economic scenarios.

The second article, which recaps The Latin American Insurance Market in 2022, explores the main structural trends across the region, from penetration and density to an estimation of the Insurance Protection Gap. It also looks at key topics like profitability and economic growth of the insurance industry in 2022.

The next two articles, “Global Economic Outlook” and “Industry Outlook for the Insurance Market,” summarize the report 2023 Economic and Industry Outlook: Fourth-Quarter Perspectives, published by MAPFRE Economics in November of this year. The former evaluates the status of the global economy, exploring baseline and stressed scenarios for economic growth in 2023 and 2024. The latter analyzes the prospects of the insurance markets, highlighting the adjustment of premiums to keep up with inflation and the impact of financial income due to interest rate increases.

Finally, the fifth article, “Investment Allocation in the Insurance Industry,” explores the composition of insurance companies’ investment portfolios and how it has evolved during monetary normalization in the main global markets. More information on this topic can be found in the publication Global Savings and Insurance Industry Investments.

We hope that our readers enjoy this new edition of our magazine, along with our redesigned website, and find it to be a source of helpful, up-to-date information on the topics covered.

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