Issue six of the Economics and Insurance magazine features a whole new design. This more modern, dynamic and intuitive format was born from a desire to simplify navigation for readers. In addition, readers now have the option to download previous issues in PDF format. These changes to the magazine’s format make it an even more effective communication space for MAPFRE Economics to disseminate its research and reports more widely.

The latest issue includes a summary of two recent insurance market studies produced by MAPFRE Economics. The first, The Spanish Insurance Market in 2019, includes an analysis of the Spanish insurance industry’s growth over the course of 2019 along with an update on developments up to Q3 of 2020. The second is titled The Latin American Insurance Market in 2019 and provides an overview of the industry’s performance in the region. In both cases, the reader can also access the full reports for more detail on the markets discussed.

Elsewhere in the issue, two articles have been drawn from the report 2020 Economic and Industry Outlook: Fourth Quarter Perspectives. One of them outlines the global macroeconomic outlook, and the other describes the outlook of the insurance industry. Both these articles feature revised 2020 economic growth forecasts and discuss the impact of these on the insurance industry.

Finally, the article titled Life Insurance sets out the key elements, in terms of coverage, that are commonly considered when structuring a Life insurance product. Readers can also find out more about the different Life insurance products available across a range of selected insurance markets. Further information on these can be found in the MAPFRE Economics report Elements for the Development of Life Insurance.

We hope you enjoy the magazine’s new look and the content featured in the latest issue.

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