In this new edition of our Economics and Insurance review,  MAPFRE Economics has selected five articles that deal with highly topical issues, such as the evolution of the Spanish and Latin American insurance markets in 2021, global economic growth forecasts and the outlook for insurance markets, as well as an article on the health of our planet. The summary of the report The Spanish insurance market in 2021 presents an overview of the Spanish insurance sector and the performance of the main business lines, as well as a preview of how the first nine months of 2022 fared. Our article on The Latin American insurance market in 2021 gives a regional overview of the insurance sector during that period, including its main structural trends, such as penetration, density, depth of reach, an estimation of the Insurance Protection Gap and the potential for the insurance market.

Another report published recently by MAPFRE Economics is the 2022 Economic and industry outlook: fourth quarter perspectives, which in turn has given rise to two other articles included in this edition of the magazine, namely the Global economic outlook and the Industry outlook for the insurance market. The first piece assesses the state of the global economy, including a baseline and a stressed scenario of economic growth forecasts for 2022 and 2023. The second article analyzes the outlook for insurance markets and how inflation and exchange rates influence the development of same.

The last article in this issue, Toward planetary health, invites us to reflect on the influence that humans exert on our planet’s natural world and the ensuing repercussions.

We hope that our readers find both the new look of the magazine and the contents selected for this issue engaging.

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