MAPFRE Economics is delighted to publish the first issue of our biannual review, Economics and Insurance, which aims to open a dialog that contributes to the enhanced circulation of its principal works.

This review, which will be brought to you exclusively in digital format, came about from the desire to introduce the reader to pertinent topics of an economic and financial nature that are linked to the workings of the insurance sector and which have been analyzed by our Economic Research team. The goal is to give you a general overview of these works so that you can continue following up in more detail on those of interest to you by accessing the complete version of the relevant study.

The review will also facilitate direct access to the forecasts prepared by the Economic Research team related to the main macroeconomic aggregates – GDP, inflation and interest or exchange rates – of the most relevant economies within MAPFRE’s operating footprint and beyond. In addition, the review will also feature special collaborations on insurance-related topics from a global perspective, carried out by authoritative external partners.

This first issue is full of topics that are very much in the news – pensions systems, insurance penetration drivers in Latin America and insurance sector investment allocation. Also included is an analysis of economic and financial perspectives for 2018 and their impact on insurance activity, and a discussion on the usefulness of copula statistical methods in risk measurement.

MAPFRE Economics seeks to promote, contribute to and drive general economic debate, as well as those discussions pertaining to the financial system, the insurance sector and the prudential regulation framework. With all that being said, we do hope that you find our new review interesting and of use to you in both learning more about the work of Economic Research and following our activity more easily.