MAPFRE Economics is proud to present the second issue of its Economics and Insurance review, containing six current affairs articles on economics and the insurance industry.

As pointed out in the first issue, the aim of this publication is to offer a general overview of a selection of relevant topics pertaining to economics and insurance, which have been discussed in reports prepared by MAPFRE Economics, and about which readers can learn more by accessing the complete publication, through the link provided at the end of each article. In this edition, the selected topics deal with the economic and sector-specific prospects of the fourth quarter of 2018, the shift in the Spanish and Latin American insurance markets seen in 2017, and an analysis of how certain countries have moved towards risk-based regulation.

This issue also includes a special collaboration between José Miguel Rodríguez Pardo and Antonio López Farré, whose study on longevity and aging in the 21st century offers a detailed analysis of the aspects relating to both phenomena, with a novel focus combining the two authors’ expertise in the fields of biomedicine and actuarial science.

Economics and Insurance also contains its other sections, such as Economic Forecasts, which presents an up-to-date picture of the main macro-economic priorities of the world’s foremost economies. Readers can also consult the first edition by clicking on previous editions.

Please visit the MAPFRE Economics website to find out about these and other published studies.