This third edition of Economics and Insurance covers various current topics being analyzed by MAPFRE Economics in its reports. The challenges posed by population aging examines the impacts of the demographic transition on the global economy and on those social structures that are closely linked to demographic patterns such as pension and healthcare systems.

As usual, the magazine includes an article on the global economic outlook and another on the industry outlook for the insurance market. The first of the two articles provides revised macroeconomic forecasts from the second quarter of 2019 onward, while the second evaluates the impact of these forecasts on the insurance business.

There is also an article analyzing the placement of insurance industry investments, which provides a comparative study of a number of markets. As well as giving a general overview of the risk profile of the insurance portfolios in each market, it includes an analysis of the investment portfolios of a selection of international insurance groups, using information taken from their consolidated annual accounts at year-end 2018.

Lastly, this edition of Economics and Insurance features a special contribution from María Nuche Otero on insurance groups and Solvency II. The article summarizes the main aspects covered in her book El impacto de Solvencia II en los grupos de entidades aseguradoras [The impact of Solvency II on insurance groups], published by Fundación MAPFRE.

You can find these and other published studies on MAPFRE Economics website.