The global economy remains stable but is clearly slowing down, with the situation accentuated by continuing trade tensions. The macroeconomic environment is reflected by the behavior of insurance markets in both developed and emerging economies, although its effect on the growth of the sector is uneven. The articles included in this edition of the magazine address these and other current issues in the field of economics and insurance, and will provide readers with a general overview of them. Subsequently, readers will have access to more comprehensive studies on topics that they are interested in.

The “Global economic outlook” and “Industry outlook for the insurance market” articles are excerpts from the quarterly update of the “2019 Economic and Industry Outlook,” published by MAPFRE Economic Research, that analyze current economic issues. The articles provide macroeconomic forecasts for a number of countries, as well as prospects for those countries’ insurance industries. Also featured in this edition are articles which discuss the behavior of the insurance markets in Spain and Latin America, which summarize the main findings of the two recurring MAPFRE Economic Research reports relating to those insurance markets.

The special collaboration in this edition is entitled “2020 Reform of Solvency II” by Francisco Carrasco Bahamonde, and gives an overview of the work being carried out within the European Union to reform Solvency II.

These and other published studies can be accessed on the MAPFRE Economic Research website.

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