Issue five of the Economics and Insurance magazine by MAPFRE Economics has been released with the world mired in the COVID-19 pandemic. While the economic and social costs of the pandemic may be difficult to gauge, our post-COVID future will likely bring about major changes in the economy, politics and social relations in general. As always, the articles in this issue analyze four current topics linked to the economy and insurance, and the impact of the pandemic on those areas.

The global pandemic has put many countries’ health systems to the test, but evaluating the effectiveness of those systems should take into account a range of other factors and measures that have been implemented to stop the spread of the disease. In this respect, the article entitled “Pandemics and the effectiveness of healthcare systems” examines certain data regarding the impact of the pandemic in a number of countries, drawing comparisons with the respective ranking of each country’s health system according to the Indicator of Effectiveness of Health Systems (IEHS), which was developed by MAPFRE Economics and published in its “Health systems: a global analysis” report.

Two further articles discuss the impact on the economy and the insurance industry as a result of the lockdown and social distancing measures adopted by governments in tackling the health crisis. The article focusing on the economy outlines the key measures that have been put in place to stem the effects of the crisis and establish a path toward recovery. It also includes information on MAPFRE Economics’ global growth forecasts. The subsequent article on the outlook of the insurance sector analyzes the impact on one of the most serious economic crises on the insurance industry in a number of countries, highlighting the potential ramifications of the current situation for the sector as a whole.

The final article in this issue looks at the topic of insurance companies and their investment portfolios. Based on a study conducted by MAPFRE Economics, this is a particularly relevant article given that analyzing investment structures is key to predicting the impact of the pandemic on insurance companies and their balance sheets.

Readers can also explore each of the above topics further by clicking the links at the end of each article to access the reports.